Double discounts

Good morning peeps. I’ve been up looking for deals since 2:30 a.m, yes 2 1/2 hours after midnight😂, and boy am I finding some treasures!!! Here is one of the best double discounts I have found!

Now that the weather is getting nice and our families can get outdoors more, which I’m sure is going to take care of some cabin fever, you don’t want to be stuck inside vacuuming, right??

Many in our deals group ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/1102281333304288/?ref=share ) have been searching for a robot vacuum that does a lot and a great price.

NOWS your chance!!! Look at this one!

This one was $208 and on sale for $140 PLUS A $30 coupon!!!!
If I were you I would hurry and take advantage of this!!! WOW!
So now only $110!!!!


I will soon be sharing many different ways our nation is helping one another and caring for our healthcare providers in this unnerving time.

Visit our group (link above) and join in. We will be giving away more and more prizes as the group grows.

Have a wonderful Friday!

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